We care about the safety of our staff & customers and follow CDC recommended Covid-19 protocol! telephone203.494.6392    M-F: 8am-6pm

01 Our Services

Just because you have to take out the trash bins doesn’t mean you have to clean them too!

Don't struggle, get wet or dirty! We take on this dreadful task for you!

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We Keep Your Trash Bins Sparkling Clean!

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We Provide Prompt Service!

Trash Can Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
Tired of Dirty Bins?
One bag of trash can infect your trash bins with harmful bacteria and germs such as Salmonella, E coli, and Listeria. It only takes one touch to potentially become infected.

Magic Bin Cleaners Trash Pail Cleaning Services
Residential Trash Bin Cleaning Services
Residential Services
We help keep your property looking clean and smelling fresh. No More Smelly, Dirty Trash Bins, Vermin/Insect/Pest Reduction, Kills Germs & Bacteria, Remove Dirt/Debris From Every Nook & Cranny.

Magic Bin Cleaners Trash Pail Cleaning Services
Before and After Trash Bin Cleaning and Disinfecting
Cleaned & Disinfected
Our 360° cleaning heads get into every nook & cranny. This process removes dirt, germs, bacteria and debris by blasting water at over 200° fahrenheit.

Magic Bin Cleaners Trash Pail Cleaning Services

02 Why Choose Us

Who We Are
Magic Bin Cleaners is a local, Certified Small Business Enterprise, Family-owned and Operated providing residential trash bin cleaning, residential/ commercial power washing, dumpster pad cleaning and shopping carts/baskets cleaning services for Central Connecticut Shoreline Communities.
Our Mission
Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly, efficient, affordable mobile curbside trash bin cleaning service, protecting you and your family from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected in uncleaned garbage cans.


We care about the safety of our staff & customers and follow CDC recommended Covid-19 protocol!

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We Provide Prompt Service!

03 Testimonials

We are all were extremely satisfied.”
Northford, CT Residents
Thank you very much for the wonderful job cleaning my bins.”
B. Ryan,
Madison, CT
“Wow! you guys did a fantastic job getting my trash bins clean.”
S. Scagman,
Madison, CT
“Thank you for this service. I did not know anything like this existed. I am so happy to have my bins cleaned & deodorized after each trash pick-up day.”
W. Crozmann,
Madison, CT
“Please sign us up for a second year. Our bins have never been cleaner or smelled better.”
Dave A.
Guilford, CT
“We all were extremely satisfied.”
Amy Henderson
“We are very happy with your service.”
S. Clark Guilford, CT

04 Our Residential Services

Price Match Guarantee (Within Our Service Area)

No Contracts Required. Email 30-day Cancellation Required

Contact us at 203.494.6392 for Commercial Pricing

Office Hours 9am - 5pm

See Service Areas Listed Below

We Provide Prompt Service!

"Cleaning Season" April 1st to October

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05 Down to Business

How We Do It

Mobile Curbside Cleaning

Your trash bin cleaning service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our trucks wash your bins on the spot, so our customers don’t have to wait for a return time. Our trucks can clean two trash bins simultaneously which makes your trash bin cleaning experience quick and easy.

Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning your trash bin only takes 30 seconds. Our 360° cleaning heads remove dirt, germs, bacteria and debris from every nook and cranny of your trash bin by blasting water at over 200 degrees.


After your trash bin is cleaned and disinfected, we deodorize each trash bin.


We will place your trash bins in your desired location, ensuring you that it is clean, disinfected and deodorized.

Proudly Serving No. Brandford, Center Brook, Chester, Clinton, Deep River, Essex, Guilford, Killingworth, Niantic, Madison, Middlesex County, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, and Westbrook, Connecticut. Only serving Commercial and HOA's in New London and New Haven Counties,


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